Any ways to hack a dating site

I will like to know if there is any way out there to hack users dating site email or user name and password with kali Linux.

You do not seem to have any experience of background of hacking “correct me if i am wrong”

You should start learning,there is nothing called THE METHOD TO HACK A WEBSITE,Read about tools like Nmap,Metasploit,Maltego,Tor,SQLmap… Take certificates like CEH,Learn programming languages like Python since it is the easiest and the most flexible language right now then you will be able to hack that dating site and access it database

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Thanks man. I really appreciate your response

Hacking is not a joke so dont be a skkid first go and learn basics of

LOl you script kiddie. First go and learn something about hacking then you will automatically learn about that dating site and all that stuff. It’s somehow good that you asked this question here in this user friendly hacking forum. If you wouldn’t have been here then you would have trolled very badly in other hacking forum maybe a ban would also have been worked out. You need to impose good questions to hackers and security researchers so that you can expect a good answer in return.

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No need for the name calling. It is best to act like gentlemen and be diplomatic. I want to see you guys mentor and point members of the community in the right direction. We are all united here no matter of age, race, religion, sex or IQ. We all have one thing in common we love to hack and that is what unites us all. So please uplift our community.


Use burp scanner and scan for SQL injection vulnerability and try inserting ’ sign in website where u find parameters (Login area) if some different error pops up . Boom! Maybe that page is vulnerability to SQL injection. Then try injecting some codes via cheat sheets or sqlmap or burp. Then u can get credentials and everything.(Hope this helps.This was only basics if you were not lacking basic concepts maybe i could help you a lot.)

Thank you!

Warning:I am not responsible for anything you do with this. SQL injection can lead you to prison! If caught.

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You got everything I asked. Thanks man

Bro you should not use SQL injection at this level,It is so complicated and you have no experience anonymizing your system to attack a website

You will screw up big time,believe me


Ya he is saying right :wink: