Creating a undetectable persistent backdoor for Windows 10 and managing it over the internet

How can I create a FUD which will be easy to manage and maintain over the internet. Also can I change the RHOST once a reverse shell has been made

Hello, creating a FUD for windows is not straightforward because targets may have different AV software, i would recommend using a crypter. As for the LHOST, with meterpreter you may be able to use pivoting to change the attacker IP.

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Hii johndoe
U can use trojan droper or you can code your own payload with python then encrypt it with Nx crypt their are numerous of ways to creat undectable backdoors
It depends on your creativity you can also use powershell script which can download and execute payload silentely
Inside victim pc u can also make node js payload

On wan u can use ngrok or serveo