Hacking Wifi WP2-PSK

Hello friends and mates, I want to share how a WiFi password can be revealed (hacked) when you have physical access to the machine.
Once you have the machine in your hands open up command prompt and type this:
netsh wlan (press enter)
type: show profiles (press enter)
You will see all WiFi networks connected to that machine and the I configuration.
Now look for the router/WiFi Name you want to hack.
type : show profiles “WiFi name” key=clear
Now the security key(password) of the WiFi will be revealed in plain text.
I personally use this in cyber cafe or public wifi or when I friend types his password into my machine without letting me know their password. With this I can connect to the WiFi without letting the admin know.
Enjoy hacking!

What machine are we talking about here?

Windows is target machine.

Simple retrieval of saved password from victim/target machine using command line is explained here by @Silent

This retrieval process can also be done from control panel (in windows)

But we prefer to use command line (i.e. CMD)
Because it is bit faster than GUI

RATs with tools like Lazagne, metasploit post exploitation modules etc can be used to retrieve WiFi saved password remotely