Help Someone tracked my IP address

So I was chatting with a stranger on facebook. He told me that he had tracked my IP address with netstat command. So can we really track someone’s public ip address via netstat command?
As he knows my public IP address what can he do ? Can he view my browsing history or steal cookies.
Please help me , Imma totally noob. I recently joined.

I do not think that he can do much…
If you do not open any links that are not trusted, download things you do not know etc. then you have nothing to worry about.
He cannot see your browsing history or steal cookies ONLY by knowing your IP…

Have a good firewall, do not open ports you do not need, have a good password at router login and install a good Antivirus.

Actually I dont have any router. I use mobile data to access Internet.
My ISP uses Dynamic IP so it does changes when switched off or in airplane mode.
The earlier IP which he tracked , can he tracked my exact location.

exact location is imposible.He can see just the area that your phone may be,and if you are with data, then you are ok.He may be a 10 years old boy,who learned how to track an ip and wants to play it a hacker XD

So can we really track ip address while chatting on facebook or any other social networks and running netstat in the background.

Fast answer: yes, you can.

I asked him to send the first four digit of the IP address he found.
Only the first digit matched
And when I checked my DNS IP , only the first 3 digit matched.

So I tried on my own to confirm. i had 2 fb id chatting and ran the command. I found an ip address in which first 4 digit matched with the one which that guy found. I searched it and only the ISP matched but the locations were different.

So how to get accurate public ip via netstat ? (I know about grabify/iplogger to get public ip )
Someguys says that via netstat you can find the only server ip not the actual one

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That’s correct. There are ways to find someone’s IP and steal cookies like grabify etc. but netstat as I have understood it just prints only the IPs that your pc is importing and exporting…
Those IPs may are facebook’s servers,because chats are not directly from one pc to another…
As a result you cannot find someone’s exact location. You MAY can find it from the nearest server that the victim is connected but I am not pretty sure…

Just ignore it.It’s a waste of time. He does not even know if you have your gps enabled to find your location :joy:

IPs are given by country,state etc. If you are in America and you have just an IP to track it, then good luck :joy:

There are many parameters to eventually track someone. Not just by a command with 7 letters and a stupid command prompt.
If that was so easy I would hack NASA,NSA from the age of 7 :joy:


i remember messing around with this trick @Kami , don’t worry after reading your post i am pretty sure this is The job of a 9 year old kid trying his hands on this stuff after doing this for a while he will understand that just having an IP address doesn’t mean you get to hack the cr** out of people . At least tats what I discovered , personally i think your internet habits more about you than your address could ever do. Things like using specific words in chats in specific situations are helpful to an actual hacker who making a profile on you or about you.

@lolt3under when you were messing with this netstat command , did you actually managed to trace the actual IP ?

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@Kami if you asked me this same question 10 years ago i would have said YES , at that time everyone used Facebook and due to some messed up reason if you kept chatting intensively with the target you could get his/her IP but that stopped working long time ago , i think it was a simple IP disclosure vulnerability which was fixed.

@lolt3under as you know the ip address changes after airplane mode on/off in mobile data.
And if some has the previous ip address, can he track my nearby area or city.

@Kami Nope unless they have access to you ISP logs they can’t

@lolt3under and how to access isp logs via ip address ?

I started thinking that you may be the kid who was claiming that he had tracked the IP :joy:

You have to learn many things before the IP tracking :joy:
You cannot start by tracking IPs when you do not even know about network protocols, ports, ISPs’ systems etc…
It’s like you started bug bounty by trying xxs injections in google search engine :joy:

@R4gn4r sorry but I’m not that kid.
I’m just curious about it and that’s all. You can ignore it if you want.
It’s all upto you to believe it or not.

I was kidding mate, do not take it personally :wink:
But even if someone tells you ways to do it, you most likely won’t understand most of it, because you do not know basic things… It’s like you just started learning a martial art and you are asking to learn the black belt forms and techniques.

Hi people use things like cookie stuffing to track people online. Here is an example.