Help with PortForwarding?

Can someone tell me how set up port forwarding on my linux debian VB and tell me how to use it? I don’t really know what my router model is but I think I can find that out, or at least give you some photos/info about it :sweat:

some info that Might will help:
Im using a Tp-link WN772N wifi adapter
The virtualBox is running on windows 8.1
I actually have password to my router and I can change it settings

@Shad0w Hi thanks for making a new topic. Please type this command in your terminal. After that take the IP address it gives you and paste it in your browsers url. Then report back the router make and model you get off the login page for further analysis.

ip route | grep default

  1. ‘ip’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
  2. I used a popular Ip ( and It took me to login page, and my router settings (after I logged in)
  3. I think my router model is “Funbox 3.0”? (at least it says that on login page :sweat: )

@Shad0w is this it?

I think yes, But I still will need some help, with setting up the ports and I have some questions about port forwarding :sweat:

@Shad0w A common port to forward for metasploit is 4444. Feel free to ask your questions.

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@Shad0w Not in English but this video if you watch what he does you will learn to port-forward