How To Get Started With Hacking

I am a absolute beginner to hacking. Can anyone suggest me what should I know before starting it. Where should I start and how should I start it ?


@rishugkp688 According to me no one can guide you. It is your passion that makes you stand out of the crowd. Don’t do it because you wanna impress your friends by flaunting your hacking skills or you want everyone to be scared of you beacuse you use the word hacker with you. Do it because you like it, do it because it is you passion. Remeber to master you linux, networking, etc skills necessary to be a hacker. Here are some great links that will guide you in the world of hacking:


I am very passionate about hacking that’s why I’m learning it and thanks @D4rkhunt3r I was just needing a place to start. So, thanks again

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welcome to the hackers community . first of all i would like to mention that hacking is not something that you can master overnight , it requires a lot of time . you need to learn a lot of programming languages such as c programming , python programming , bash scripting , javascript etc … yes , i agree that you can also hack things without even learning all these things , but you will remain just as a script kiddie . if you really want to be a elite hacker , then it is important for you to learn all the programming languages . And also you should have a deep understanding of how data packets flow through a Network and how routers , switches , bridges , servers work . You should understand computers from the silicon stage to binary bits. you should be able to build some hardware components such as wifi jammers and mobile phone jammers , and also try to exploit vulnerabilities with in a system without watching any youtube videos, here i mean that you should try to find bugs yourself , Hackersploit is a youtube channel where you can get some amazing knowledge.


Thanks you are helping me a lot.

you must search on internet you can’t be a hacker by learning few things you must learn day by day any new things if u want a any ideas u can ask

One piece of advice that I would give is that when you are looking for tutorials or such things to learn don’tt use the words hack or how to hack x or hacking and so on.
Word it as penetration testing or something similar or you will get a bunch of bullshit or some malicous pages and script results.
Telling a search engine you want to learn about penetration testing will give you much better results since every script kiddy that wants to make peoples lives miserable is going to use the keyword hack in their searches and urls.


@NuBz your advice helped me

Glad I could help.
Still learning myself but the search thing was one was something I figured out early on.

Hacking is not a joke
But if u r dedicated then its not a rocket science
Learn basics of linux first then programing languages like
Shell scripting python c++ at least one programing language
And learn daily and daily to become a pro

And do it to help others not to impress some one


Expect us

@Darknimbus1 I have learned many things but when I try to implement it I fail in that could you suggest me what can I do

Can anyone suggest me how to write manual python code for hacking

Build your own virtual lab and start experimenting. You can install different OS in your virtualbox, practice testing using kali (which has a lot of inbuilt tools).
Work on scripts, python is an easy language to start with(with basic knowledge ) of programing.
Read books, articles and stay updated with latest hacks, cyber attacks, and vulnerabilities. Never try to hack without the owner’s permission, also, never perform any attacks on government organization, you may land up in some serious trouble.
Lastly, never give up. These things need time and skills. So practice… practice… practice.


My best advice is research. Google is your best friend a soon as you login in to your computer.

What I do is watch videos. Lets say I watch HackerSploit video on XSS, then I research on Google the topic on multiple websites from multiple sources to get the best understanding and and then I test either on my VM or on my Kali laptop.

Play with the tools, get familiar with the hacking terms. Research, research and research again and I guarantee that in 6 months from now you will not believe how much you have learned and how much things you can do. You will not be an expert but you will then be able to answer newbie questions!!

Good Luck