How To Stay Anonymous While Hacking

Which vpn is better ? and using free vpn would help?

I am pretty sure I found that there was a preferred combination of VPN and tor that I read somewhere.i think it was on here somewhere, though I can’t find it again.
There was something said VPN then TOR, or TOR then VPN, one being better.
A reminder or link to the post please.

Found this information regarding tor over VPN or VPN over tor, if anyone is interested.

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LMAO!! What if my GF is a hacker? :joy:

I would give you my personal opinion on being anonymous, and one of it depends on your country, this is a black hat method though just in case you don’t mind.

  1. VPN(possibly paid) + TOR + Public WiFi
    These method works because even if both VPN and TOR gets comprised by the authority it can’t be traced back to one person.

  2. Anonymous Sim card: our Sim cards is what gives us access to the internet via our ISP, if your IP is loged by the victim system then the authorities can trace you by summiting your IP yo your ISP to provide the owner of the IP address. So if you can register a Sim card thats doesn’t have your information linked to it then you are anonymous even without TOR or VPN, but just for an overkill still use them with the anonymous Sim, For example your name is: Darkhunter, you would register your Sim as jackhunter and your address is 001 Miami street but you will fill in 0010 LA street and you also register it with a Fake photograph. All this can be manipulated depending on the Sim card registration process in your country.(This is purely black hat).

That’s how you can be anonymous

Hosting one’s own VPN (Open VPN) will be better than living in a illusion of being anonymous online. Use OpenVPN with a public WiFi. At least that’s what i think. Hackers in the Russian community critise the use of tor browser nowadays.

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They apparently do not.
I have read all the replies and many of them had some wrong information (with no offence).

  1. If agencies have “trapped” or are ONLY the exit node in TOR,then they just got the end of your journey and NOT you.So they just failed. In this concept they refer to, agencies should “trap” or be the exit AND the first node because only then they have the traveler and his final destination.SO BUSTED!

  2. VPN services (most of them if not all) keep logs.But let’s say they do not. The ,most secure VPN protocol is OpenVPN. But OpenVPN is opensource…that means that agencies have found at least 1 vuln. So VPN is cracked even without the logs. SO BUSTED!

  3. At my opinion PROXY is not for anonymity reasons…There are many PROXY protocols but I do not think that even proxy-chains give anything extra, because it’s like VPN-chain…It has vulns and what you do is just to reduce your internet speed.

  4. TOR has been cracked many times and if agencies target you,they will find you even if you use 100 TOR nodes + 100 VPN services with 1M$/mo + all the proxy-chains in the world.

Black-hat hacking was never the most secure way… As @Anonym said, “You can not be 100% anonymous because of how the internet works”.
Internet has not been made for anonymous.It has been made transparenced and noone can change that.

Many black markets have left TOR and got in I2P but I do not think that there they are more safer than TOR… Agencies have the first word on the internet if you like it or not.
No hacker has been “anonymous” forever.

Just deal with it and stop black-hacking.If you want to hack,just be legit white-hat hacker (except if you help Apple :joy: , because they just arrested one).

Also you can read here some things I say for your tracks you leave when hacking if you want to search deeper How to Cover our Tracks after Hacking?

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can any one tell me anonsurf is really anonymize the system and it’s good to use with tor to access deep web?

I totally agree with @Rootsec and @R4gn4r one should use OpenVPN protocol instead of VPN to safeguard anonymity while hacking. Tor is known to be cracked quite a few times by Law Enforcement agencies of U.S.A also they would be knowing its weaknesses too as they support and fund the tor project. I have not heard any of the case similar case with OpenVPN protocol.


Well I agree with you,but there are 2 parts I disagree a bit :smile:

The first one is that TOR project is not funded by Law Enforcement agencies (I have a friend who is in the TOR development team and I know that by hand). You can see here what are it’s present and past sponsors:

And the second one is that OpenVPN has some vulns that have been discovered with most famous the Voracle attack.I am pretty sure that agencies have discovered more unsubmited vulns and take advantage of them.

Oh thanks for updating me on this issue. I am glad you did it on time buddy. Also i forgot to mention using of public WiFI+OpenVPN together and maybe a VPN too but it will impact your data speed. Tor project is funded by US governemnt if i am not wrong :thinking:

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Well, I do not think so :sweat_smile: . But even if that’s true,then TOR developers team cannot ad backdoors because it’s opensource and there are many people who are not in the team and check the code.
(I have read again your comment and I think that you did not mean that :sweat_smile:)

Maybe you are talking when TOR was a military tool for US government…

i think if gov wants it can provide with funds to such projects by various universities under the name of LEs like this one [DARPA via University of Pennsylvania], [DARPA via Georgetown University], [U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor]. I think this is sufficient to answer? We know that US Dept. of Defense is a organ of the federal gov and DARPA have similar links as it was used to establish internet in the early 70s if i am not wrong? Correct me if i am wrong. I mean they can create agencies and other organs to fund such projects? Why they would do is another case.

The first one is talking about the period it was a military tool and not a public tool,because TOR’s code was released in 2004 and he is talking about the period of 1998 and 2001.I do not know…

I have searched a bit and the articles do not provide much information.
I found that which says that they paid for backdoors (If I understood correctly :sweat_smile:).
As I said previously, TOR cannot be paid to add backdoors,because it’s opensource and many people check it’s code.

The same was happened with Mr. Linus for his OS.
A US agency (I think NSA) contacted with him and told him to put backdoors in Linux code and he would do it,but he cannot because it’s opensource and it definitely would be discovered and then his project will get in the garbage.

That is the benefit of opensource projects. You cannot do what agencies want you to do,because many people who have no connection with the funds etc. will discover it and then all the donations etc. will get burned

Oh so this is the exact case here. Thank you very much for clearing my doubts regarding the tor project and its ties with US gov there’s nothing such like this as it is pretended to be. Once again thanks i got it all cleared. Hope to interact with you soon. :smile:

Me too mate :wink:
I like this type of conversations :grin:

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Great communication guy’s.

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I couldn’t agree more!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin: <3 <3 <3

This is the most awesome community so far for anonymity discussions!!

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