I need a web site can generate new bin card

i want to know if any people can generate bin each 5 hours its example thanks .

bin card?
do you mean “bank identification number”? If yes > then you need first 6 digits in visa card … or what do you mean? i didn’t get you…

yes bro u can generate bin for get good card can work for some website u never know that i find the trick thanks for answer.

but it’s not random process so you can’t generate bin because it’s a static value but instead you can generate the rest of the card number… do you mean that?

some BIN values: https://www.bindb.com/bin-list.html
specfic country: https://bincheck.org/country-name

Yes its like that but other community give more info about that i know its me i upload this document pdf dark web i see u sent to me again i know what happen but need money for get some tools and card. if telegram go ver there can talk more.

DESKTOP-SI943E7? :slightly_smiling_face: