Introduce Yourselves Here

@MoNsTeR thanks for welcome :smiley:

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Hello … i am here because i want learning …i am a absolutly begimner …until the day al system was hacked and we lost 2 laptops and a acer tower pc …all ürivate pics from the half live our kids


Welcome @Still , @Doris , @whitedevil Glad to have you join us. Hope you find what info you are looking for we have some great people here that are full of knowledge and willing to help along with looking forward to seeing that Knowledge you have for us.


@Doris Welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it takes a loss to get a large gain.

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Hello Guys,
It’s really cool to join you here.
I am the last born of all hackers and i am here for better me and to share information and experiences.

Nice meeting you all.


Nice to meet you as well @onbts and welcome to the community great to have you join us.

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nice to meet you. Im good at fixing up old computers and im interested in ethical hacking. Just finding my feet. I hope to learn from peoples experiences and get better at troubleshooting.


welcome to the community @linuxhackerguy

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thank you its good to be here

@onbts @linuxhackerguy Welcome to the community both of you. If you have questions or answers to anything in the forum or off of it, feel free to ask.

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Hey guys, Web dev, and animator here learning to further secure the sites I build for clients. That being said possibly branch into pen-testing as well. I have some basic experience with linux tinkering around with it and stuff. Looking forward to joining this community and learning a bunch of stuff hehe.


Hello all,
I’m just an old school pentester and certified tech :wink:
I am happy to be apart of this community and always up for learning new shit. If any of you need my help with anything just holler at me.


Welcome to the community @gr00t and @yodasec :slight_smile: great to have you join us.

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Thank you kindly ma’am, tilts my hat to you

1- Im new in advertising on facebook
2- Im good with investments
3- I need to work in facebook ads
4- I hope to gain more knowledge

Hlw Everyone. Now I am doing graduation on Textile Engineering. But I had a wish to be a IT specialist, mainly a white hat hacker. To fulfill that wish I start to learn some hacking from some online paid course. But what I learn I think that’s not enough…it’s very little. I am looking forward to learn more and more. Please help me to learn every sector of hacking. As a student difficult to take paid courses. If u provide any free courses to be a expert on ethical hacking please help me.

Hello here, I am Dangata, new here and would want to advance my skills on ethical hacking:pray::pray:

The obligatory introduction follows:
My handle is Solinus. That is a name that goes back to the days of D&D in the late 70’s. I started on the ‘internet’ itself around 1983. Use to be on the boards as the “Silver Surfer” and then just my current name Solinus. You will find me in many areas where security is the subject. I have been a founding member of many boards and always enjoy participating. I love to give and get knowledge. I have worked in every area of IT from the most basic on up. I have spent the last decade and a half concentrating on security. I have worked as a Threat Intel Investigator with Cisco, as a Security Advisor and now as a Sr IT Security Analyst.

I love pursuing certifications. I currently hold around 40 of them. If you are curious you can see them on LinkedIn.

I love this area of IT because it is an area where the learning can never stop. It is the only area of IT that never stays the same. It is a constant challenge and I thrive on that. If I have to say what I consider myself good at, there are a couple items that come to mind. I have a knack for seeing odd solutions to odd issues. When something really weird is going on with a system or the network and none of the standard solutions work, the guys come to me. I have a strange twist to the mind, I guess. I love troubleshooting and to me it is ALL troubleshooting. Even incident response to me is a type of troubleshooting. I use the word to encompass puzzles, mysteries, events, analyzing, discovery and more. Following the footsteps and fingerprints through the event logs is something I consider fun. Its a sickness, I’m sure…

I am very strong in the area of log analysis, linking events to put a full picture together. I have skills in the area of blue team and red team. I can usually research answers in a very quick, efficient and thorough manner. I enjoy helping in any of these areas.

I also really enjoy mentoring those just getting into the subject. I never get tired of talking about it and spend almost all my time getting further into it.

I work on many areas at a time, but for here, I am mostly interested in learning what I can about TT&P’s so that I can develop the best ways to detect and prevent.

Hello Everyone I am silent, you can call me ghost in the systems, I see myself as an ethical Grey hacker(not just grey,there is an ethical to it) as in my philosophy no one is entirely ethically white. My mastery are Web Application Hacking, Networks PenTest, Social Engineering and Programming(PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, JS, C++, JAVA). I’m currently an Engineering finals student. I love new challenges. Currently i want to improve my metasploit skills as I haven’t had enough time to play with MSF. I want to learn more about systems in general in this community. Thanks for having me. #silent #ghostinthesystems