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Fantastic, and welcome to the community. Check this thread out Want To Become A Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator?

Thanks for your kind reply and motivation

Hello, Im pretty new to infosec and hacking in general. I have just started the PWK course by Offensive security. When i found this community (the youtube channel) it was great, the educational videos are amazing. I am a highschool student currently unemployed. I am not really good in one area, more of an overall noob lmao. I know C++ (only good with arduino though), bash and i have started learning python. I really want to get better at hacking (mabye specify in OSINT) and onbe day become a pen-tester.


Hi @Treebug842 and welcome to the community. Keep working at it. I have posted a neat OSINT tool here Skiptracer - OSINT Scraping Framework check it out.

Best of Luck for your journey to become an InfoSec Expert :grinning:

Hiya Im SNNP, a beginner in ethical hacking who is learning to become a sysadmin in the near future.

Im pretty good at finding alternative ways to problems and ways of working, Have mostly practiced with msfconsole, msfpc, armitage and the BEEF framework and a lil with the good old lscript.

I mostly need to inprove my python programming skills, atm i use a special script made by a pro to be anon, but out of concern i want to learn to build a script with STEM.

I hope to learn more bout the metasploit framework and hack the box.

Maybe the python courses can help me.

Nice to meet ya all.



Welcome to the community @SNNP
Glad to have you join us. :slight_smile:

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Hello @SNNP and welcome to our community. You have came to the right place for learning. Have a look here Want To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker? If you have any questions or want to share any knowledge feel free to create a thread.

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Hello, my name is Mark Cribbs and I am a disabled Veteran that though I have always loved working on computers, I’m pretty much exclusive to it at this point in my life. Let me clarify that my injury didn’t come from being injured in war. Physically, I made it home fine. Not so much mentally, but heck, who does? I spent my time in the Rangers and also the L.R.R.P.S. with the 24th Infantry Dib. Like I said, made it home just to get out on the Su
wannee River and get ejected from a jet-ski, hit by another and break my neck. Oh, forgot to mention that I drowned also. Anyways, I was a quad for almost a year, but I regained enough feelings in my legs to hobble a bit. My hands still don’t open so it has been a wild ride trying to be proficient at typing code. Which reminds me that this is the 3rd time I have tried to write this without hitting some other button and have it disappear on me. My apologies to the Admins if all of the partials went to you guys. That brings me to the reason why I joined this site. I love Termux and was reading an obviously good posting because I just can’t get too much information. I love learning. So being an Ethical Hacker is what I have set my sights on. As far as what am I good at.? When I started this quest, I was wanted to know all of it! So now I am good at none. Lol I guess I spread myself too thin, but hey, what else do I have to do. Not sure if you would consider this really being a hacker, but I am really good at breaking into phones for people. Strictly for the good though, never understood how a Black-Hatter got out of messing someone’s computer up. I just don’t see where it would be satisfying. Enough said, hope to see you around.


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Hello everyone! My name is Mark Cribbs. I’m a disabled Veteran that now is pretty much stuck with working on computers. Let me clarify something right off the bat. I didn’t get inju

HI all, I’m student at UCF(University of Central Florida) currently Majoring in I.T. and minoring in Cyber Security. I just started taking an offensive and defensive cyber security course and I love it. There’s so much to learn that it’s a bit overwhelming but I’m just taking in as much info as I can.


Hey guys I’m Ani,

I’m a self taught everything, currently working as a sysadmin looking to become a full fledged pentester.
I do legally perform pentesting jobs for small business occasionally.

I want to work with the integration of artificial intelligence in the infosec field and overall becoming a better pentester.

I spend most of my time studying for upcoming certifications and a bunch of CTFs.

I’m looking forward to learning with you guys!


Hi i’m 4bl0n

  1. i’m a student rn trying to enter the it field;
  2. i like networking and c programming, not good in anything just learning;
  3. i need to work on my hacking skills
  4. helping and getting helped

obs: i’m not a native English speaker so my english sucks i know, trying to improve. Thanks =)


New here but followed the Youtube channel for a good while. Working in IT but background is in electronics. Interested in all of the topics listed on the front page and dip in and out of them. Still looking for a specific focus though. Will probably lurk for a bit. If I feel I can add anything valuable I will. I am easy going and dont take things too serious. Any questions feel free to ask.


Hi, im xPete.

Im a student, interested in everything computer (hardware and software), tweaking and testing things’ limits. I’m a bit new to the whole pentesting - ethical hacking field (been around for a year or so now), and im eager to learn and help teach what i know. Big Ups and respect to the Hackersploit team for this iniciative and all the amazing work they do, keep it up!


Welcome to the community and thank you for joining us. @xPete @Lar @4bl0n @Aniroot @EliteShogun7 @MarkCribbs Great to see new people. Look forward to sharing and seeing more from each of you. :slight_smile:


Hello World :wave:, Greeting here from the Philippines, I am Spectrum and I am new to the field of Cyber Security (almost a year now) but has a Passion in learning this field. I want to pursue BS in Cyber Security in College but unfortunately this degree are not yet available to our country, so I will just pursue BS in Computer Science as an alternative and will still learn cyber security while studying, then transition to Certifications after college (Just sharing :grin:).

I always want to find a community that focuses on this topic (especially for beginners like me) where I can learn and share thoughts and knowledge to others. I hope you will be nice to me :sweat_smile:, we can be friends, you can treat me as one of your passionate student and I hope that this forum will help beginners like me to improve in the field of cyber security and be great source of knowledge for everybody. Thank you everyone, Happy Hacking :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to The group @Spectrum
I hope you find what you are looking for and or find the help that you need. I look forward to seeing more from you Happy Hacking indeed.

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Hi everyone!
I have a dream of working with it-security and I hope that I’ll learn more about reverse engineering and python for ethical hacking.

I’ve already been working on learning python for a while now.


Hello all!, I go by Mancer0x79. I am a Application Security Engineer for the number retailer in America. My strengths revolve around Devops, and injecting security (DevSecOps) into the pipelines with SAST, DAST and many other technologies.

I need to work on my network pen testing so I can be confident to take the OSCP and the AWAE. I hope to gain a sense of community here and willing to mentor anyone who has questions. Thanks!