Introduce Yourselves Here

Hello everyone i am NoCTR. I am a big fan of the owner of this forum. I always saw videos on YT but never attempt due to some reason. And now I ll sure I will do that now because at least I can ask for help here if I need. See you soon!


Welcome on board! Enjoy your stay!


@s4phiredrag0n @NoCTRL Welcome to the community both of you. @NoCTRL A good start would be to install VirtualBox on your computer and install Kali Linux. @s4phiredrag0n If you would like to share a tutorial on how forensic investigations are performed from legal perspective that would be awesome.

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Glad to have you here! Make sure you learn as much as you can!

Hi, I’m S0B0. I’m a student in love with the IT field.I like gathering as many resources as I can about a specific topic. My strongest skill right now is coding (Java C/C++ and a little bit of other languages) .I am currently working on a java certification,and after that I hope to get a job as a junior java developer.After that(couple of years as a programmer), depending on how things evolve, I would love to shift into the security field.
Regarding this community, I hope to develop my current skills,meet new people and teach the things I learn. Cheers! :smile:
edit : I am not new to penetration testing. I play around with ctf’s and VM’s such as metasploitable2.


i am here to learn as much as i can and help as much as i can, knowledge is to be shared , hope this community serves to grow us as it is intended to

Thank you again for sharing your videos on your tube i have learned a lot from you


Hello everyone o/ i am Mike. I am a student who like to learn and research about cyber security. Im glad that im here to learn more C:


@S0B0 @XxxDante @B0TPlayer I wanna welcome all 3 of you to the community.

@S0B0 Have you coded anything open source you would like to share with the community?

@XxxDante and @B0TPlayer When you both start digging in deep and find your passion in pentesting I would like you guys to share with us.


Thank you muchly :smile:

@MoNsTeR Well all infrastructure citrix servers (delivery controller, license server, and others) need to be windows based. So itvwould be purely windows server lockdown. If anyone is onterrsted let me know!

@binary_rookie I’m interested.


Hello everyone , I am RaviKiran (Cyber_saviour):man_technologist: from India . I am a computer science engineer and I am not so much new to hacking, i have a little experience with this field and I don’t consider myself as a master in the field of hacking . So I just wanted to level up and become the best version of myself with the time . And that’s it I hope this this community has everything that I wanted . Happy hacking …:smile: ( and yep , this emoji is to get the emoji badge )


Im from Zimbabwe
Junior Pentester at Hackersploit Cybersecurity (Remote)
I treat myself like a n00b everyday so i need to keep working on everything
I hope to gain a lot here…:slight_smile:


@Cyber_saviour & @Donald A warm welcome to you both.

@Cyber_saviour Would do you like to make a post on something you excel at?
@Donald I like your humbleness. In the amidst of of Anonymous hacking Zimbabwe government web servers for deciding to block social media services. How is that affecting the people in your country and what is your stance on it? I personally am interested in that. Would you like to make a topic on that?

Hello everyone , this is Girish , an electronics and communications student from India. I am very curious on Cyber security topics , I want to work on communications and security issues . My interest for Cyber security is increasing since I started using simple tools like nmap, ettercap, burpsuite in Kali Linux . I am just a noob , so I want to learn how to use the tools to their full potential .


That’s great @Girish Welcome to the community and as you continue learning I look forward to see you grow here.

Hello to all… Well I am here just to observe.


@srcyper Welcome I hope you find what your looking for.

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Hello all, I am a mechanical engineer student in India.
But I am in love with computer science-computer networks- ethical hacking-kali Linux.
I have good theoretical knowledge of computer science. Now I am trying hard to put that knowledge in real world.
I am very new to practical ethical hacking.
I like hackersploit forum because it’s easy to understand. Every one give nice and detailed explanation.

Till now I was learning python, c, c++, JavaScript,html without any means, which was quite boring.

But now I got a target, that is exploitation, now I will learn everything that is required for exploitation. For example, I might have to learn django,bootstrap for phishing attack. I love explotation.

Above all, I can think totally in a unimaginable way. This forum also helps me to sharpen my thinking skills.

Thank you all for having me.
Thanks for creating this awesome platform, which is fun for both beginners and experienced.

Also ignore my stupidity, if I post senseless question on forum. Because I am new in ethical hacking, and I have many expectations.


@imEH Keep that passion you have. Remember it when things get hard and you get stuck. You need to take it as a challenge and never give up. Welcome to the community.