Linux File System Cheat Sheet


Many thanks! @alexis you have posted the great stuff keep doing man.


Really cool! Thanks!!

Thanks a lot, your really awesome & please keep up with this awesome work product You produce.

Hey this is awesome man. It makes it easier to visualize it. I was watching this TED talk one time. This guy was showing you how he used visualizations for large sets of data that he worked with. It’s amazing how doing that can give you a different perspective of what your trying to look at.

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Hi, can you post a link to that ted talk please :smile:?

Alexis thank you so much i have been looking for something like this as i would just be n the new user group-of the linux distribution mainly ubuntu and i shall use for reference it looks awesome to us newbies like candy to the eye. Again great post.!


Yah there a couple of them This Ones called The beauty of data visualization and this one is Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity

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Thanx Alexis. This will definitely help… And Thanx for invite

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Thank you for sharing!

thats really useful. it set out in an easy to understand way.