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  • Alright everyone this is the place to post and discus any news related to hacking.
  1. To Google or not to Google that is the question?

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Check this out:

Hi everybody beware of new apache vulnerability it gives a remote control go check it out


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Wpa3 security is vulnerable ?

After reading this article we can say that “YES” it is vulnerable.

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  • My heart goes out to all the victims in Sri Lanka. I’m very upset to hear there was a warning of the bombings 10 days before it happened. No precautions were taken and that is a shame. On top of everything they have taken social media sites from the people of Sri Lanka which is the main way Sri Lankans get the news and stay in contact with loved ones.
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Condolences. May god give people the power to overcome this time of distress and disaster. May people recover from this huge loss quickly and start a new life once again. May god shower his blessings upon them. May god fulfil their needs. Today let’s come together and pray for the people of Sri Lanka who needs us in their time of need. God bless them all.


I have moved this to a different area sorry :slight_smile:

I am not sure what it is exactly and how to use it.
If you understand this, then enlighten me

I am sure it’s really important.

This Metasploit module uses the su binary present on rooted devices to run a payload as root. A rooted Android device will contain a su binary (often linked with an application) that allows the user to run commands as root. This module will use the su binary to execute a command stager as root. The command stager will write a payload binary to a temporary directory, make it executable, execute it in the background, and finally delete the executable. On most devices the su binary will pop-up a prompt on the device asking the user for permission.

The “latest hacking news” podcast is really cool. It’s a daily short podcast about the latest news from the hacking scene.