Software Development or CEH which one first

Hi everyone I can’t decided which to study first software development or ethical hacking (Pen-Test / CEH) and please explain why. Thank You

Learn first basic hacking using scripts/tools etc

So that u have a good idea about available software/script used for hacking, like arpspoof, mitmf, Fatrat, etc

Then go for programming in this way:

  1. Python
  2. Shell scripting
  3. Ruby

Then start coding your own hacking tools by inspiring from famous tools
Or simply rewrite non-python famous tool in python

Then going for CEH based course or PDF is best according to me

If you master your self in one programming, and already know basics of hacking

Then there is not chance that you don’t understand any difficult concept while learning CEH curriculum

Hope this is helpful

Hi and thank you, all advice is welcome to set me on my path.

So when I got my CEH it was focused on using tools already made, the concepts and, use. You didn’t need to know software dev to get it. That’s why after the fact I started learning software dev.

Learning python is a matter of 4 months and 2 months more to write your own hacking tool

Concept clearity is very important according to me, when you code yourself, you get better understanding of already written tool.

I know few Person who are CEH certified but don’t have much hands on experience, and have only theoretical knowledge.

CEH exam could easily be passed even if you don’t know hacking, that’s the harsh truth, as crammer also exist.

At last, it is your choice that from where should u start.
There are lot of CEH certified personal in race

Doing extra from your side will be a plus point for you.

If passing exam is everything for you then definitely don’t learn programming