Want To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker?

Sweet :slight_smile: . Thanks for this as well as being reliable, It’s very appreciated.

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Everyone just added Understanding Malware to the list. It is very important to understand malware to the fullest extent.


Thank u so much for the great work!!!

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Thank you @MoNsTeR for summing everything up in and sharing these courses , they are great, but are there any books you could suggest?

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Everyone I have added another part to this course. Evading IDS and Firewalls. Watch it and soak up this knowledge. Also sorry it took forever to put up. I was on trip.

@maxisldp Your welcome. Keep coming back for more updates.

@cavaN You are welcome bud. As far as books. Have you read this book I posted awhile back " Have You Hit A Plateau Hacking? " Give it a read. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Awesome @MoNsTeR Thanks I look forward to seeing what you post next :smiley:.

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Yes, I am actually reading and found really interesting , but I was wondering if there are other books because i like to switch between books or i would finish it in a week or less (right now I am reading the hacker playbook 3 by Pete Kim and the Art of Ilusion byKevin D. Mitnick

@cavaN I uploaded this for you. https://anonymousfiles.io/fgpajHpK/

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the new course I have uploaded. Mobile Platforms has been added to the list. Enjoy!!!


@MoNsTeR Reconnaissance - Footprinting still missing error. Kindly update the link

well done my dear bro… thanks

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Can you please upload Reconnaissance/Footprinting section again?

Link Updated. Enjoy!

Great I hope you get good use out of it.

Hello I’m new here and I’m getting an error 404 when redirected, are the links under maintenance?

Hi GREED, welcome to the community. Can you tell me which link you are having problems with? The few I checked worked for me.

They’re somehow back up now, maybe the site WAS under maintenance. Thanks for asking! :smile:

Good stuff. If you have any questions about these courses feel free to ask.

Everyone that has been following along, now is your time to shine. I have added the practice exam to wrap everything up. I feel that if you have viewed and followed along the courses, you will have enough knowledge to make it through this exam without to many problems. Do not get discouraged if you get questions wrong. Even seasoned hackers will get questions wrong. GOOD LUCK!