Web Application Penetration Testing Prevention

I see most of the people here are focused on the how to’s of Pen Testing and not so much on prevention. As a programmer my main focus is preventing websites and web apps from attacks. I joined this site to help my knowledge on prevention. I see a lot of you rely on staying hidden for testing. I also see that most of you are just learning. I have developed a system that will prevent most attacks from accruing in the first place as the system prevents access to most VPN services including Tor, as well as other factors. I was hoping to see if I could post a link to a sample wordpress site and allow testing, but before I do I wanted to first see if the admins will allow it, and next see if anyone was interested. I am Not trying to sell anything to any one, and this is not a paying job, just a chance for some of you to have a real world testing ground.
Thanks GSG.

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Hello, yes, this is usually the case as it is more of an exiting approach, i myself started out in the blue team so i know what you mean. That is a fantastic project, please get in touch with us so that we can setup a demo for the users. We would love to hear more about the project and its workings.

Hello @GSG! Very nice project.I cannot wait until you submit it :blush: .
I will definitely check it out!

Well after much work the test site is now up. Before you begin there are serval thing you must know about this system.

1 GEO Blocking has been disabled, however if enabled you can block Countries, States, Cities and Postal Codes

2 ISP Blocking is Enabled 486 ISP’s are blocked; you may not be able to ever get to the site.

3 VPN IP Block is enabled 1,173,480 IP address are blocked.

4 Tor Block is enabled 6,120 Tor Exit Nodes.

5 1,013 Web Bot’s are blocked.

The site is a new install of Wordpress version 5.3.2, using Twenty SeventeenVersion: 2.2 Theme, only 1 plugin is installed WPS Hide Login Version

I guess you will need t find the login page on you own.

Site address https://rsys.kvwebsolutions.com/

Let me know what you think.


Is this a CTF kind of thing? :thinking:

Any feedback from anyone that has tried to get in?
As of this time 511 Total Visits Blocked, 137 Tor Browser Visitors, and 2 Allowed Visits

Hello, i have been testing the service and site for a few days now. I will leave my feedback here when i have completed the process.

Thanks for the heads up, I have been seeing more traffic on the site the last few days.