Who's cert is the right one

I have seen certifications offered from several different companies.
My question is which one is the right one?

Not neccesarily “the right” one but which one would carry more weight in the process of trying to get hired.

Hello, it really depends on what position you want to get. Are you interested in penetration testing, network security or web application security?

Penetration testing, and network security are what interest me the most.

I have been trying to learn more about networking lately since I noticed in an interview I watched on youtube that you mentioned how important it was for a pentester and I have always had an interest in it.

I also am into development I love creating stuff and watching it work LOL.

Great, in that case, I would recommend starting off with the following certifications (they are not mandatory, but they will give you the best foundation going forward.

  • Network +

  • Linux +

  • Security +

Here are some advanced certifications, these are some of the best options available, I have listed them in the order in which they should be taken.

  • OSCP - This is a pen-testing specific certification.

  • SANS (Some of the most recognized certifications) - GPEN, GSEC


Note: This is my opinion, and you should come to your own conclusion.

You’re makng my brain melt just thinking about all of that haha.
I was thinking though wouldn’t Linux + come first?

Not necessarily, the top 3 can be done in whatever order you are comfortable with.

Ok I understand.

I was just researching Network + a little and theres about 5 or 6 more(and maybe ones I haven’t heard of) that can go along with it if one wants to be a network admin.

A little overwhelmed by what I read but I can do it if I set my mind to it.
Thank you ver much for the information your opinion is welcome to me.