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Linode LIVE! HackerSploit: Linux Server Security Series

Secure Your Personal Linux Servers with HackerSploit

This 12-episode Linux Security series will work as a practical guide for anyone that wants to learn how to effectively secure their servers. At a high level, viewers will learn how to set up, secure, and audit Linux servers.

HackerSploit: Linux Security Server Series Part 1
In episodes 1 -5, viewers will follow along in getting up and securing a WordPress server and learn how to perform a security audit to test the effectiveness of the measures they put in place. Tune in to HackerSploit’s YouTube channel starting October 1st for part 1.

Episode List- Episodes kick off October 1st
– SSH Security Essentials
– Configuring SUDO Access
– Securing Apache2
– Securing Nginx
– UFW- Complete Guide

HackerSploit: Linux Security Server Series Part 2
Binge part 2, when episodes 6 – 12 drop the week of October 19th. Building off the fundamentals of part 1, dive into more advanced topics including the securing of FTP, SSH, web servers, word press. Learn at your own pace with on-demand access to all episodes. Make sure to register via On24 here:

Episode List- All Available On-Demand Week of October 19th
– Brute-force Protection With Fail2ban
– IPtables- Complete Guide
– Configuring Automated Security Updates
– WordPress Security Guide
– AV and Rootkit Detection
– Analyzing Logs
– Security Auditing With Lynis

Linux Security Auditing With Lynis

HackerSploit & Linode: Securing Commonly Web Apps & Databases