Being anonymous on internet while hacking

@D4rkhunt3r DO NOT EVER DO THAT. YOUR FREEDOM IS WORTH MORE THAN A COUPLE DOLLARS. Its not worth sitting in jail missing time with your loved ones. Watching holidays and birthdays pass you by. you do not get that time back its gone forever.


Look , what is the use of making encrypted connections . These are just for preventing the data to leaked while the agencies try to tap into the data even though they capture the data . Encrypted connections are used every where . WhatsApp is the best example . Now when you capture the data by positioning yourselves in between the two parties A and B then even if you capture the data . You just can’t read it . Similarly if you use an encrypted connection the ISP can’t read the data but can redirect the data to the destination server where the data is decrypted . Now the agencies can simply track the traffic and reach to the destination server where they can easily read the decrypted data.


So what is the option to get rid of this problem? Use VPN+Tor browser+personal connection except WiFi and use a public wifi as we already discussed.

Make use of tails operating system inside a virtual machine along with tor , vpn and proxychains…

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Good news for all of us

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Ive acttually read about this. Seems neat.


Now there is a major point here which it the internet speed itself

I really mean it when i say that the fastest public wifi around me is 4mbps
+Tor and VPN that will decrease the speed (but i still prefer proxychains more than VPN cuz i dont believe the “no log saved” as they claim and it will be harder to be traced back)

Your experience with the VPS will be horrible

But i must say that your way is pretty good

For me i just can just buy a laptop+a beast wireless card
Burn the system into a usb
Encrypt the system
Tor+Proxychains (a good mix between paid and free proxies)

And when i need to i can just destroy the usb and the laptop so it can be impossible foe the data to be recovered

If you think my method is too obvious or there is a weak point please tell me.

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Best method is:

  1. Buy a new hdd
  2. Go to your girlfriend house
  3. Use her network
  4. When u are done burn that HDD and breakup with her

thanks me later


@valmirm :joy::rofl: Looks like you have this down packed.

@valmirm LOL!!! Ever tried this yourself?

yeahh but not the last step because she got my back :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh for crying out loud… I am seriously not supposed to say this but here it goes… get an alpha ag2424 (alpha grid antenna) find a public wifi and connect to it. Combine a vpn payed by a cryptocurrency and there
… Or get an anonymous sim card and load it up with data and but the cheapest used 4g phone device with android. Make it a hotspot. Triangulation is possible yes but in order for someone to ask for triangulation you have been doing some serious damage. Change the device (recommend used ones that have been registered on a cellphone network previously) and sim cards… there. Never try the above and I do not recommend it.


What about using kali live USB?

I don’t get all these posts. i can’t even decrypt my own traffic,…how are “agencies” doing it? instead of all these VPNs, Tor, proxychains why not figure out what tools they use and get ppl on Git to build better ones? problem solved

what i dont get is if you are using HTTPS how is it being decrypted at he ISP? Can we consider then all ISPs = Agencies aka FBI/MI6/NSA?

Pretty much @justhere2learn

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Yah i don’t get some ppl. I think ppl are just paranoid when it comes to learning new things on “your” network…
ppl, do you really think Police or some local cop is going to come knocking on your door cause you were able to PSK your neighbors networks? This takes me to the days of Satellite hacking with DirectTV and others…when you go to court just use this, “tell xxxxx to stop sending me the signal”…its like breathing air, you gonna tell someone we can’t breath air, no different from WiFi signals…then again, if you live in USA, the NSA see’s all this shit anyways…“nsa…nothing happening here…move on to someone who’s a threat”

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@MoNsTeR Does using home wifi with tor and proxychains enabled makes sense? I mean i think it still can be traced back to wifi router ip address. KIndly correct me if i am wrong here.

@D4rkhunt3r Personally I never contact the internet without a being behind a VPN. Running ToR inside of proxy chains while being connected to a VPN is a very good practice. If anyone is having doubt or has to ask if its okay to hack from home “YOU” probably shouldn’t be doing it. We are all adults and there comes a time you have to make the choice is this worth it. What are the risks involved? Am I willing to face the consequences? At that point you make an educated choice “press Y to continue or ctrl+c to stop”


@MoNsTeR Man you are absolutely right !. There will be no chance of getting caught when we randomize our mac addresses (Physical address) with the macchanger and connecting to the public wifi like coffee shop or restaurant etc… where all the people connected in, with the help of masking our ip address by TOR +VPN… eventhough they keep analyzing the ip logs and history of our ip address …they couldn’t able to catch the hacker! that’s indeed because we’ve been accessing the internet via public wifi … perhaps if the mac address has been traced by the digital forensic investigator with the very hard perseverance that wouldn’t be ours anymore…we were already masked our physical layer identity .In this kinda situation it’s impossible to catch or fetching the invincible HACKER we just need to shred all the logs after all the things done as @MoNsTeR says … you just hit the nail on the head precisely ! and also all of the transactions must be performed in the terms of crypto currencies …


Well there is different methods most hackers use. Some hacker use to hack other person’s wifi then use it to hack. while some hacker use combination of vpn + tor + vpn, the connection first connect to a vpn then to tor then then again to another vpn, the first vpn will hide ur ID from tor and then tor will hide your ID from 3rd vpn . you can use this technique with different server for both vpn and tor and choose different countries with good privacy rules.
Some hacker also use VPS hopping. You have to use different vps and have to connect through them using ssh connection. You can run wireshark anytime to check is their any leaking or not…
Its based on best of knowledge , well no one can guarantee absolute anonymity.
(One request please follow my instagram page : @localhost_127)
Thank you !!

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